Postpartum Group for Moms

Mondays.  Call for details.

This group focuses on supporting mom's with infants to 1 year olds. Being a mom is hard, and the expectations can feel overwhelming- whether that's challenges with breastfeeding, postpartum depression, trying to meet your family's needs while also meeting your own, the list goes on! This group aims to help mom's who aren't available to meet during the day, when mom's support groups typically meet. I know childcare can be difficult, so kids are welcome. 


Thursdays from 4-5pm in the Empowerment Studio

Fitness for the teen body and mind. Girls ages 14-18 are invited to use their bodies, building strength and endurance, as they improve their self-esteem, mood, and energy. The group is led by a certified personal trainer and licensed mental health counselor who will safely guide participants through developmentally appropriate exercise as well as provide insight into goal setting, mindset, positive self-concept, and self-care.