Strength Training & Cardio

Express Lunchtime Strong(h)er

A quick and effective 30 minute class that targets the full body by using light strength training bodyweight movements and stretching. This class is a fun and effective blend of cardio and strength exercises.  It helps to get you away from your desk and moving towards a healthier you.  This won't leave you too sweaty so you can return to work and rock the rest of your day!


The kettlebell is an excellent tool for working out your whole body while keeping your core strong.  We’ll use the “bell” to work upper and lower body muscles as well as a stronger back. High repetitions and a variety of exercises will make this give this strength class a good cardio burn!

Stron(G)irls movement support group

Fitness for the teen body and mind. Girls ages 14-18 are invited to use their bodies, building strength and endurance, as they improve their self-esteem, mood, and energy. The group is led by a certified personal trainer and licensed mental health counselor who will safely guide participants through developmentally appropriate exercise as well as provide insight into goal setting, mindset, positive self-concept, and self-care.

Blue Cross Blue Shield, Harvard Pilgrim, United Healthcare, Tufts and Self Pay accepted.

Exercise Rx movement support group

Learn how to use exercise to manage your of anxiety and depression. The group will meet for a weekly workout and check-ins. Additional workouts and supportive materials will be provided to be completed independently throughout the week. Workouts, educational materials, and assessments will be provided by Lauren Bennett, licensed mental health counselor and certified personal trainer. Please contact Lauren at 978-930-0616 or to become part of this supportive group.

Blue Cross Blue Shield, Harvard Pilgrim, United Healthcare, Tufts and Self Pay accepted.

Yoga & Meditation

Beginner's Yoga

Whether it's your first ever class, or you just need to slow things down, stepping onto your mat is always the right choice.  We'll learn the basics, challenge ourselves to be brave, and discover how to breathe again.

Yoga Stretch & Sculpt

This class delivers a total body workout. Yoga Stretch & Sculpt classes are a combination of Vinyasa yoga and strength training exercises that focus on creating toned, strong, sculpted muscles. Free weights are used throughout the class to increase strength and add resistance. Christy loves upbeat music to energize her classes!